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Its Wazak At One..

One Year Na ..at yes..memorable toh pre! 

(Currently im watching Act One)

I haven’t known of a certain Julie Anne or Elmo before I went on youtube and searched for Super Bass. 

It was late at night (actually it was morning) approximately four months ago. I vividly remember it was  3AM. I was about to sleep when I found this video of Wazak Musical. I watched it…jammed with the familiar songs. I was captivated and I was hooked. I didn’t sleep until I finished it. I slept at 5 AM where the sunlight is shining through our windows. I slept with a smile on my face :) 

These were my memories of Wazak. It was the time when I knew I was in love. I was in love of #julielmo. 

A Wazak Love Story 

A ground breaking television event. Who the hell would even think of producing a musical for TV? He must be nuts —? Direk Rico Gutierrez is the name. I call it a stroke of brilliance. Rap and Musical never mix but he made it work…and hell yeah it turned out a masterpiece that never and no one can replicate. #tatakDirekRico is the best thing that could happen in Philippine Television. The way he tastefully incorporate Pinoy Rap in a Romeo and Juliet Musical reminds me so much of "Across The Universe". It placed images to music and music to the images. Its a surreal moment. 

Today is a momentous day not only for Direk Rico and the people behind the scenes but also of our beloved #julielmo.

Being chosen to play Romeo and Juliet … Julie and Elmo has to put up with the cliche’s and the typical “cheesyness” of the role but I never have I felt anything like that. Their chemistry is magical, electric and very natural. 

Both of them has proven a lot of things not only to others but also to themselves. Julie can rap, Elmo can sing, both of them can act. They can act in a way that the audience were captivated, make people feel. Their performance has carried the entire show in a degree that you don’t even need the other casts. (But the casts put colors to the musical - I remember being floored by La Diva, The actresses who played both of their Moms, Armstrong and the guy who played the devil Super Bossing —EPIC!) 

From then on, I believe the rest is history. This musical has put fuel to the flame. And that flame grew into a wild fire! It has elevated both of their talents and placed them on the limelight. People saw them as raw potentials and has showcased them as a pair and as individuals. The respect and admiration they received not only from their fans but also from their peers in the industry is well deserved. I believe that this Musical has cemented them Julie + Elmo as a Tandem that forever will be known as Julielmo. 

Because of this musical — ang adik mas naging adik, at ang hindi adik naging adik. : I rest my case. 

Happy Anniversary Wazak :) Happy Anniversary JuliElmo :)