my head is swimming. somewhere is shore. I am enZane.

“Its like im gonna write my experience of moving into a new place to someone. But before I introduce my subject which is the move, I want to have a mystery in there so he could keep reading. Get where getting at?”


Ok I’ve read this again and I kinda get it na..

ng slight, ng konting-konting slight. ahahaha

So this is about writing? How to write a letter? Tama ba me?

If so, writing is easy if you are true to your words. Sincerity should be effortless. If you’re planning to write to this someone it really depends on how ‘close’ you two are. 

Are you both romantically involved with each other or you two are like friends-friends lang? Let’s say friends lang kayo and you want to reach out to a friend. I think it would be better if you ask him first of how he is doing. Kamustahin mo sya, be cordial and friendly. Be yourself and don’t be shy about it. Tell him of your experiences, the feelings, sights, sounds, tastes and all the wonderful things you have discovered. Just tell your own stories the way you want them too. You don’t have to pretend or act a certain way just because you want to give an impression to someone. If that someone would like you they should like you for who you are. 

I don’t think there is a style or method to be ‘liked’. If you are sincere, honest and most especially real, anyone would appreciate that. 

Also, be kind. 

Kindness often warms people’s hearts. 


“Like I want to tell this person what I went through, my feelings, my experience of moving into new country”


Have you already transfered? Like andyan ka na ba sa new place ngayon? Or lilipat ka pala?